The Alphard / Vellfire

The Alphard/Vellfire is a luxurious and elegant limousine, perfect for those seeking the utmost comfort and style. With its spacious interior, plush leather seats, and advanced amenities, this car ensures a first-class experience. Whether for business or leisure, the Alphard/Vellfire sets the standard for premium transportation.

Alphard / Vellfire

Service Price Book Now
Airport Arrival (Meet & Greet) SGD 85 Book Now
Airport Departure SGD 75 Book Now
Cruise Arrival (Meet & Greet) SGD 85 Book Now
Cruise Departure SGD 75 Book Now
Hourly Booking (Minimum 3 hours) SGD 70 Book Now
Point-to-point (City Transfer) SGD 75 Book Now


Surcharge Type Price
Midnight (2300hrs to 0659hrs) SGD 15
Waiting Time (Block of 10 minutes) SGD 15
To/From Tuas SGD 25


  • Airport arrival: 60 mins grace based on flight landed time
  • All other services: 15 mins grace on booking time
  • For hourly booking, midnight surcharge is charged hourly.